Monday, May 14, 2012

Zero: Never Ending

Zero is a restart point, where everything ends and begins. Just like the day and night, it starts at 0:00 and ends at 0:00 which the day begins all over again. It is a continuous and never ending measures. 

Using 'never ending' and 'continuous' as my inspiration, I created a never ending origami book, when unfold. the content will goes back to the start. A simple message "the end is where we start" is communicated through out the origami pages. When it unfolds the message is revealed and the action of unfolding and the continuity of the book described the word 'zero'

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Social Documentary

I always find my neighbour very interesting - one of the reason was because of their little yet frightening dog. He has a small body but when he barks the neighbourhood would think it comes from a huge dog. 

So I have decided to do a project on them. This is my first time doing something like this - interviewing people that I rarely spoken to and going in to their house. It was quite frightening at first because I don't know what to expect. From the interviews and tour around their house, I found out a lot about their character and the difference in their character - but at the same time they balance out each other from their differences. I've decided to focus on and show how to show their differences in character. 

The husband (David) is more quiet, calm but rather reserve. The wife (Cheryl) on the other hand has more character - she's the loud one, at first she seemed to be more dominant in their relationship, from the way the house is decorated, Cheryl is the one who always buys and picks all of the decorations and place them wherever she wanted. In a sense, the first impression I got from them is that she seems to have more power in the house. 
But after meeting them the second time, I realised although Cheryl seemed like the dominant one, however, when David started talking in his chair , Cheryl kept quiet and let him talk - at that instance, Cheryl's power vanish and David was the dominant one (in a subtle approach)

The 6 photographs are aimed to show the idea of balance between marriage - in this case how their character balances their marriage.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Scanner Camera

Taken by Chris's scanner camera that was exhibited in our private view Tourist Exhibition @ Gallery in the Corner. He turned his printer into an instant camera with the help of the scanner and magnifying glass. In the exhibition, he set up a photo booth area where everyone who visited could take their pictures with it. Pretty awesome stuffs.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What you do not see

What you do not see

A sound piece where I translated the idea of blinking as lost of information into what you hear instead of see. We will never see the entire event of something but we could definitely hear everything. By translating it into hearing, the imperfection is demonstrated.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tall Stories: The Unknown

'What can you find under the sea?' An unknown environment that one is not familiar with. In a group of 3s, we created the image of what can be found underneath the sea by closely relate it with a specific quote taken from the movie 'Le Grand Bleu'

"You go down to the bottom of the sea where the water isn't even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you'll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you"

Series of pictures below shows the testing process

The process of making in the studio

A collection of sea creatures

3 series of photographs (each series 1½ meter long) was produced to represent the idea of the unknown. by closely relating to the quote, we came to a conclusion that as one sinks down into the sea, one would like to stay down because of the creatures that greets you underneath. Instead of the mysterious-frightening sea monsters, they were represented very beautifully as we discovered 'bioluminescence' fish - fish that gives off lights in the dark for living.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monologue: 'I Have A Dream'

Typographic project where we manipulated the famous 'I have a dream' speech by Martin Luther king. We questioned the idea of will the speech be famous if Martin Luther King was not shot to death? By changing around the point size of each line, we managed to create the recognised speech unrecognised - until one spots the four important words 'I have a dream' in red. The different point size created a blur between the importance and the unimportance in the speech.

Sunday, November 27, 2011